Welcome to DUX Monthly, the Mighty Ducks monthly art trade!

UPDATES -- August 16th, 2004:

Emails were sent out for the August round on the 14th. Whooty. Arts for July are ups.
Reminder Email: Will be sent September 1st
September Profiles: Please have them in by the 5th
August Due: September 8th
September Starts: September 10th

Q: What is DUX Monthly?
A: An anonymous art trade for members of the Mighty Ducks fandom :) It works thusly: You fill out the info on your character (see the form for details) and email it to me. On the 10th, they are switched around, and you're emailed back with the info on who you're drawing this month. Note: You won't know who's drawing your character -- that's the anonymous part! So, you send in the finished picture with a short description, and by the 10th of the next month all entries will be posted here on the site, and the next generation of trades are posted out, and the cycle continues!

Q: What do I need to apply?
A: Drawing equipment (paper, pencils...) a scanner and a character! You must be an artist to sign up, but there are no restrictions on level of ability. You can be a beginner or the next Da Vinci-in-training.


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