A few guidelines to help you get started...
      1: You have to be an artist to sign up. Unfortunately, you can't swap a piece of art for a short story in this trade. Artists will not be judged. This trade is open to people of any level of skill! :)
      2: You have to draw the character you've been given. You can't just decide to draw someone else!
      3: You should have finished your picture by the 5th in order to qualify. If it's taking a long time to color, or you've been for some reason delayed (fallen sick, lost the sketch, etc), you can have until the 10th, the beginning of the next round. If it's going to take longer than that, contact me, because otherwise you'll not be entered in the next month's trades and will have to wait for the one following...
      4: Characters have to be from the Mighty Ducks fandom. They also have to be your own character; no characters belonging to other people, or canons (Wildwing, Nosedive, Dragaunus, etc). You may suggest a pic of your character with one of the canons, but it's up to the artist whether they draw it or not ;) Characters do not nessesarily have to be ducks, but they must be a part of the Mighty Ducks fandom.
      5: You have to fill out every section of the form; please be as descriptive as possible. 



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